Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 7: What About Alternate Views of the Trinity? (part 2)

We wrapped up our short series on the Trinity. We briefly reviewed key concepts and then tied up some loose ends from our conversation last week. We introduced concepts related to historical theology and how this functions in the codification of our beliefs.

Key Themes:
  • Basic introduction to historical theology
Digging Deeper:
  • Video: "Using Extra Dimensions to Explain the Trinity," interview with high school science teacher, Mark Ritter

  •  Imagine someone in your OIKOS asks you the following question. How do you respond? "Matt. 24:36 says that Jesus doesn't know the day of His return. If Jesus is God, how is it possible that He doesn't know this?"
  • Use the following tools to build your answer:
    • Use the information from the in-class teachings on the Trinity.
    • Use information presented in the video on extra dimensions you watched above.
    • Use the universal teachings of the church in history:
      • Jesus is God and God is all-knowing
      • "all things that belong to the Son also belongs to the Father" (in other words, they share all knowledge in common with one another)
      • Jesus can't set aside His deity