Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 15: Can You Trust What the New Testament Says About Jesus?

We're starting a new series of conversations. We will focus on questions surrounding the origin and history of the Bible. This week we're focusing on the question, "Can you trust what the New Testament says about Jesus?" 

Key Themes:
  • Introduction to the doctrine of the Bible
  • Critical concept: relationship between theology and history
  • Argument #1: The Gospels preserve eyewitness accounts of the life of Jesus.
  • Argument #2: External sources corroborate the accuracy of the Gospels and Acts.

Digging Deeper: 
  • Chapter: “Are the Gospels Trustworthy Account of Jesus’ Life?” Without a Doubt, chapter 7
  • Book: Cold Case Christianity, by J Warner Wallace (This is a great resource to help Christians get started in the conversation about defending the faith. It's also appropriate to share with a high school or college student who needs reasons for their faith. If you're wanting a resource for an unbeliever, I'd recommend something more technical.)