Monday, January 29, 2018

Are Humans Animals?

We are continuing our fall teaching series, "Christian Values in Changing Times." We're launching a three-week conversation exploring the image of God from a scientific point of view.

Part 1

Key Themes:
  • Our church's statement of faith as it pertains to creation and human origins
  • Biblical case for human and animals being different in kind (not just degree)
  • Discussion with Dr. Fazale Rana: 3 Christian views on the meaning of the "image of God"
  • Class member question: Why does it matter if Adam and Eve are real historical persons? Is Genesis history?

Digging Deeper:

Part 2

Key Themes:
  • Brief review of part 1
  • Discussion with Dr. Fazale Rana: 
    • Is there any scientific evidence that humans are different than animals? 
    • Who were the Neanderthals?

Digging Deeper:

Part 3

Key Themes:
  • Romans 1 as a description of our current reality
  • Atheistic evolution as a worldview 
  • What is the "good" in an atheistic worldview?
  • Discussion with Dr. Fazale Rana

Digging Deeper:
Part 4

Key Themes:
  • God's plan for human life spans 
  • The future of human evolution
  • Key terms: transhumanism, techno-faith, body augmentation

Digging Deeper: