Sunday, April 8, 2018

Created for Connection

God created us for connection, not isolation. How is technology impacting our most important/most valued relationships? Is technology bringing us closer together? Or it separating us from my family and friends? Are we controlling technology? Or is it “controlling” us/our children?

Key Themes:
  • Christian worldview:
    • Creation: Gen. 2:18, 26
    • Fall: Gen. 3:16; 4:1–8
    • Redemption: Deut. 6:1–9
    • Glorification: Rev. 21:22–27; 22:4–5
  •  Struggle of parenting and mobile devices and social media

Digging Deeper:
  • Video: "Growing Up Social" (Ted style talk; abridged version of Arlene's book, Growing Up Social)
  • Practical ideas: Downloads for parents/grandparents