Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week 10: Genesis 13–14

This week we're continuing to follow Abram's journey of faith. Specifically, this week we looked at the contrast between Abram and Lot (Gen. 13–14). 

  • Review: importance of context ("Scary Mary" video)
  • Review: "So you wanna study a Bible verse?" interpretive process

  • Abram and Lot separate
  • Abram rescues Lot
  • Abram pays a tithe to Melchizedek 

At-Home Skills Practice:

  • Step 1: As you read through Genesis 11:27–25:18. again this week, begin to make an outline of the major sections of thought. I’ve done the first few sections below to help you get started. Do not consult with any external outlines (i.e., your study Bible or the internet). You’ll learn more if you do this on your own. Bring this with you to class for discussion.
    • "This is the account of Terah..."
    • Genesis 11:27–32 – Introduction to Terah and his family
    • Genesis 12:1–9 – God calls Abram to Canaan
    • Genesis 12:10–20 – Abram goes to Egypt.
    • Genesis 13–14 – Abram and Lot
    • Genesis 15 – God confirms His covenant with Abram.
Our in-class discussion next week will focus on Genesis 15. We are continuing to go back and review some of our basic skills that we worked on in the beginning of the class.
  • Step 2: Write out 15 questions that you have about Genesis 15. Remember, there are three broad categories of questions that you can choose from.
    • History/culture/language/word study/background
    • Theology
    • Application
  • Step 3: Develop a main idea statement for Genesis 15. Your statement should be in one complete sentence (with a subject and a predicate). It should be specific enough to explain this passage, and also include a brief explanation of its significance/importance/connection to redemptive history. Bring this with you to class so we can discuss it together.
  • Step 4: Read through the commentary handout on Genesis 15. It’s from The IVP Bible Background Commentary. Also, consult the notes in your study Bible. Explain any insights that you get from these sources that augment your study above.
Digging Deeper: