Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Week 12: Genesis 16–17

This week we're continuing to follow Abram's journey of faith. Specifically, we looked at the conversation between God and Hagar (Gen. 16), and the sign of circumcision (Gen. 17). 

  • Review: promise-fulfillment paradigm

  • Abram, Sarai, Hagar and Ishmael
  • Circumcision and baptism

At-Home Skills Practice:

  • Step 1: Read through Genesis 11:27–25:18. again this week. If you need to, refine the outline that you assembled last week. Bring this with you to class for discussion.
  • Step 2: Develop a main idea statement for Genesis 11:27–25:18. Your statement should be in one complete sentence (with a subject and a predicate). It should be specific enough to summarize what you see as being the main purpose behind this entire section and its connection to redemptive history. Bring this with you to class so we can discuss it together.
Our in-class discussion next week will focus some of our discussion on Genesis 18–19. But we’ll also be looking carefully at some other key New Testament application of this passage.
  • Step 3: Write out 15 questions that you have about Genesis 18–19.
  • Step 4: Identify the 2 or 3 most critical questions that you think are necessary to understand in order to properly interpret this passage. Now, research the answers to those 2 or 3 questions on your own. You can use the excerpt from the IVP Bible Background commentary, the ESV or NIV study Bible, or the web links below. Please be prepared to share with the class.
  • Step 5: Do a quick search for the word “Sodom” on How is the example of Sodom used elsewhere in Scripture? What general themes and patterns do you notice? Are they primarily destroyed for the sin of homosexuality, according to the teaching of all of Scripture?