Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week 10: How Can I Talk to My OIKOS About Faith Issues? (part 3)

This week we continued our short series on how to navigate conversations with people who hold worldview perspectives that differ from our own. This included watching a discussion with a gay man.

Key Themes:
  • Review: 
    • Faith conversations need to be based on love, not "winning" arguments.
  • Case study: conversation with "Randy"

Digging Deeper:
  • Video: "Hatmaker Controversy: A Test Case in Historical Theology"
A few weeks ago, we introduced the value of historical theology, as it pertains to the codification of the doctrine of the Trinity.

This is a follow up discussion in which I use a current event to further illustrate the importance of this key concept. While conservative Protestants do not hold history as infallible or inspired, that's not to say that Protestants interpret the Bible in isolation from history either. Protestants generally give some amount of weight to the universal teaching of the church where we see it as agreeing with Scripture. This video explores that concept a little more.